Donnerstag, 8. November 2012

New Rings

Hey everyone:)

A few days ago I went a little ring-crazy.. I actually bought 8 rings, they are all from Claire´s. Here they are:

The first four were a set. I´ve never really seen an owl ring. But as I love owls as necklaces, I thought why not buy an owl ring:) I really liked the other ones as well. I´m not really a fan of silver jewellery, but as these aren´t the typical shiny silver, I didn´t really mind.

The next ones were a set as well. They are these feather-like rings, that are so lovely! Bronze/rosegold, silver and gold.

The last one is a complete different style. It looks a bit vintage, but still really polished and new. I really love it!

By the way the magazine, that I put the rings on, is the latest issue of German Vogue.

Hope you enjoyed my little haul:)

xxx Katie

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